The facilities of "VERYKJOS LTD" is located near to Athens Central Market Organization S.A., at Moschato, at 2-4 Davaki street. 

Maintaining high-quality hygiene conditions and reassuring the trade of safe products are highly valued from our company. For this reason, our facilities have been designed and constructed according to the implications of “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) and the “Good Handling Practice” (GHP).

In detail, we have been concerned with the following aspects:
  1.  Location and planning of industrial facilities (cooling booths)
  2.  Appliances and equipment (technological equipment)
  3.  Raw material, materials of packaging and addition of labels
  4.  Working Environment
  5.  Cleaning and sterilization
  6.  Personnel
  7.  Safety control / management of foods
  8.  Internal inspections and recording (record keeping)

The objectives of the sanitary requirements according to GMP’s and GHP’s are:
  • The protection of consumers health
  • The disposal of a standardized and safe product
  • The safety of the personnel

Our facilities are separated into detached divisions depending on their use. There are separate units for the import and the storage of the packaging material, another unit for the quality control and an additional one for the storage of raw material.

The storage unit has been carefully designed in order to accommodate the products. In sequence, the products are going through a series of relative controls regarding their appropriateness for consumption. And solely if they successfully pass these controls, they are then sent to the disposal unit.

The sanitary configuration of our facilities and the maintenance of high-quality hygiene conditions are of great importance to us. Therefore, we make sure that all units and technological equipment are daily cleaned and decontaminated.



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Banana Crème Brule
Energy bar with banana and oats
Roast Apples
Apple Cheesecake
Banna Bread
Banana cookies
Low fat banana oatmeal cookies
Lemon marmalade
Pear pie
Nutrition Value
Fruit are essential to human health, since they contain lots of vitamins and inorganic compounds (metals and micronutrients). Fruit, along with vegetables, are placed in the second section of the food pyramid of the Mediterranean diet, which indicates that people need to consume five portions of fruit daily. See the tables of the nutritional value of our products.
Healthy Eating Pyramid
Latest News
22/01/2014  Under evaluation for obtaining new certification of quality and safety for the VERYKIOS Ltd.
VERYKIOS Ltd. is under evaluation in order to obtain the certification 14001:2004 which sets increasingly stringent quality and safety standards