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Our multiannual practice in the area of marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables led, in 2002, to the foundation of company “VERYKIOS LTD”. Basic shareholders of the company are Stefanos  and Ilias Verykios  and its object the storage, maturation, marketing and disposal of fresh fruits and vegetables.

“VERYKIOS LTD”  resides in the Central Market of Athens. The facilities of the company are located outside the Central Market of Athens. They are specially designed according to the guidelines of the “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) and the “Good Handling Practices” (GHP) as indicated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

VERYKIOS LTD” primary concerns are the satisfaction of our customers, as well as the granting of safe products.  That is the reason why our company has adopted a strict policy of safety designed according to ISO 22000:2005.

Our strict safety policy combined with our multiannual experience guarantee excellent product quality in very low prices.  


Our company deals with the storage, ripening , marketing and disposal of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Banana Ripening:

The banana ripening is a process that accelerates the ripen of the fruit. This procedure is obligatory because the bananas are harvested while there are still unripe and therefore unsuitable for consumption. This procedure is harmless because it follows the natural course of ripening. For the controlled ripening of bananas ethylene is used. Ethylene is a gaseous organic compound which regulates various natural functions. It is considered to be a natural hormone that affects the ripening of fruit. This way, bananas are evenly ripened and acquire all the desirable characteristics as implied by market needs.

There are 5 ripening processes. They depend on the desirable time of ripening and on the initial status of the fruit.

The days of completion of the process vary from 4 to 8.

Below are described the stages of ripening:

Stage 2
Color: Green
Stage 3
Color: More green,
less yellow
Stage 4
Color: more yellow,
less green
Stage 5
Color: Yellow,
with green edges
Stage 6
Color: Yellow
Stage 7
Color: Yellow with marks

The multinational company Dole, collaborates with as. Learn more about our partnerships.

The internationally recognized company Chiquita is one of our collaborators. Learn more about our partnerships.


Banana Crème Brule
Low fat banana oatmeal cookies
Lemon marmalade
Apple Cheesecake
Banana cookies
Pear pie
Roast Apples
Banna Bread
Energy bar with banana and oats
Nutrition Value
Fruit are essential to human health, since they contain lots of vitamins and inorganic compounds (metals and micronutrients). Fruit, along with vegetables, are placed in the second section of the food pyramid of the Mediterranean diet, which indicates that people need to consume five portions of fruit daily. See the tables of the nutritional value of our products.
Healthy Eating Pyramid
Latest News
22/01/2014  Under evaluation for obtaining new certification of quality and safety for the VERYKIOS Ltd.
VERYKIOS Ltd. is under evaluation in order to obtain the certification 14001:2004 which sets increasingly stringent quality and safety standards
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Main Store :
Athens Central Fruit Market:
Y 22-23
Agios Ioannis, Rentis, 182 33
Tel/Fax: +30 210 4820287

Ware House - Ripening Facilities:
2-4 Davaki str.
Moschato, 18346
Tel: +30 210 4831189

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